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Join an international, diverse, and passionate community of highly skilled professionals who are making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

Our mission

We’re building the first Whole Person™ platform to transform performance and growth for people, teams, and organisations where it matters most — career and leadership development, proactive mental health, and inclusion and belonging.


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"I am truly grateful for all the work and support you provide us with, lots of coaching opportunities, learning and growth opportunities as a Coach, prompt email replies from the Support Team, hearing back thoughtful and personalised answers/comments from some busy Coach leaders, and the environment (e.g., platform, process, approaches, among other things) so that we can best serve our members...I look forward to continuous growth and striving for further excellence in coaching together with you all."


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“As home-based professionals, the ability to interact with like-minded Coaches from all over the world is truly a gift. It is a source of fellowship and inspiration in [a] space where we can openly share our wisdom, expertise, passion and challenges. I simply don’t find that in my private practice and I am so grateful for the heightened sense of purpose it provides.”


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"Every day I am delighted to be a part of this community and feel extremely privileged to receive the support, care, and opportunities that you all provide for me as a Coach. And I look forward to growing even more in this brilliant community."


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"I’m so proud to be connected to BetterUp and its mission. I am proud to be part of this community. More than ever I am dedicated to being an expert in what we do because I know, as Coaches, we are uniquely equipped to be part of the solution and healing. I am grateful to BetterUp for the work they do to put Coaches out onto the “frontlines” in a way that is scalable and allows us as a community to make a tectonic impact."

Our coaching programs support customised human development

From one-on-one coaching to specialists and group coaching experiences, we approach individuals’ needs with custom options — for achieving today’s goals now, while planning for their long-term success. In our global community, we have one-on-one coaches, specialist coaches, group coaches, and more.

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Dedicated coaching

Individuals meet one-on-one with their Coach, focusing on highly personal growth areas — leading to robust and lasting transformation.

Specialist coaching

Specialists in areas like sleep, nutrition, communication, and diversity and inclusion can support targeted needs for individuals as they navigate personal and professional challenges.

Group coaching

Live group coaching sessions on focused topics allow individuals to build skills and jump-start behavior change with support from their peers.

BetterUp Care™ coaching

Wellness experts meet one-on-one with individuals to understand how they are feeling and why, and equip them with the coaching and support they need in the moments they need them most.

Through a platform that is uniquely designed for Coaches

Every aspect of the Coach experience — from intuitive scheduling to automated payroll — is designed to allow you to focus on what you love to do most, coach.


    Coaching technology that makes your day to day easier

    Maximise your impact through simplified management tools like integrated assessments, automated reminders, and recurring feedback.


    Enabling you to expand your impact, in a flexible and autonomous way

    You set your ideal schedule, we match you with diverse members around the world — across 19+ industries and a broad range of levels.


    Powered by some of the greatest minds in coaching

    Unique to BetterUp, you’ll have access to first-to-market insights, proprietary assessments and the latest evidence-based approaches powered by BetterUp Labs.

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Anchored to evidenced-based methodologies, community, and continuous learning

BetterUp is nurturing one of the largest coaching communities, with access to regular development programming, points of connection, meetups, and other perks — allowing us to bring the benefits of community to what is usually a 'solopreneur' career. We host over 100 free professional development and community-based experiences each year, including:

Peer coaching and practice discussion groups
Events with luminaries in the fields of positive psychology, coaching, D&I, behavioural science, and human development like Martin Seligman, Rhonda Magee, and Fred Koffman
Book clubs that explore applying practices from the latest evidence-based books in behaviour change and psychology
Certificate-style courses that are accredited by the International Coach Federation for continuing education credits
Events focused on the application of evidence-based approaches for boosting belonging, wellbeing, and mental fitness that harness original research conducted by BetterUp Labs and our board of Scientific Advisors
Self-care and community-building events focused on building resilience, connection, and belonging for Coaches

“ [...] I've tried many different ways in my lifetime of spreading the science (of positive psychology), and BetterUp is the single best substantiation of my life's work in the world."

- Martin Seligman
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We’re building the world’s largest network of certified Coaches, including counsellors and specialists, on everything from nutrition to diversity and inclusion and more.

Our coaching community comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds with prior experiences in sales, marketing, retail, operations, IT, education and more.

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Become a Coach

We are always looking for talented Coaches to join our community. To streamline your application process, be prepared to have your CV and Coach credential certificate in hand. We review all applications in detail and aim to respond within 72 hours.