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Leadership training and development program

With the right training, anyone can be a great leader

The most effective leaders are often defined by how they manage their teams. They are driven by the growth of their people, their business, and their careers. They know how to listen to their teams and keep them motivated and aligned with company goals. 

Doing all of this while juggling their own personal and professional growth can be a tall ask. It requires strong management skills, empathy, resilience, and a toolbox of resources. Many of which cannot be built in a vacuum. 

But with a leadership coach, leaders at all levels can develop these essential skills. During times of rapid change, leadership training programs provide managers with the support and guidance to navigate challenges and grow as both leaders and individuals.

The importance of effective leadership training

From increasing the ability to adapt to change to driving year-over-year growth, leadership training programs have a range of benefits. According to BetterUp data, organizations that invest in leadership training have seen the following:

  1. 1 Increased revenue: Organizations with a strong coaching culture have significantly higher year-over-year revenue growth than companies with a low coaching culture.
  2. 2 Enhanced problem-solving abilities: Individuals are 23% better at developing novel solutions to problems.
  3. 3 Quicker recovery from setbacks: Thanks to coaching, members are 20% more likely to recover from stressful situations more quickly. This makes for more resilient teams in the long run.
  4. 4 More effective teamwork: Leadership development training improves individuals’ abilities to support, encourage, and connect with their teams.

Leadership training that drives change

In-person and virtual learning management systems, episodic training, and workshops are helpful for communicating information. But they’re not always effective at driving scalable, long-term change. Most employees fail to retain 75% of the information they receive through these methods.

But leadership training and development with ongoing coaching is different.

This is a solution that increases knowledge retention and offers a buildable approach to leveling up. The proof is in the numbers. According to BetterUp data, members report:

increase in productivity
increase in five-year revenue growth

Build leaders that accelerate team performance

Unlock the performance potential of all managers, increase retention, and accelerate business transformation with BetterUp Lead.
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Our leadership training solutions

Every aspect of the BetterUp experience — from personalized coaching programs to bite-sized learning content to customized reporting — is scalable across your entire organization.

    Dedicated 1:1 Coaching

    Employees get a personal Coach to help them attain their goals and hold them accountable for putting in the work.

    On-demand Coaching

    Coaching for in-the-moment specific needs such as presentations and communication, navigating uncertainty, or giving difficult feedback.

    Specialist Coaching

    Our network of specialists help employees overcome challenges unique to their experiences: ranging from being a working parent to sleep and nutrition and more.

    Learning Library of Content

    BetterUp’s robust content library offers best-in-class resources to accelerate development. Featuring thousands of engaging videos, podcasts, and articles curated by a team of content experts. Our recommendation engine suggests the right content at the right time for each employee.

Innovative coaching that delivers results

Improving leader effectiveness
Increase in team agility after 3-4 months of BetterUp coaching.
Enhancing productivity
An enterprise technology company increased sales quota achievement by 60%.
Enhancing performance
Coached employees are 30% more likely to receive a high performance rating.
Retaining top talent
BetterUp increased retention of one customer by 68% in only 
5 months.

Trusted by top organizations

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What BetterUp customers are saying

BetterUp helped me to accept that I can’t accomplish everything on my own and that I needed to better leverage my team. Now, my team feels more recognized and has more opportunities for exposure to senior leaders.
Managing Director Real Estate
Thanks to my coach, I’ve improved my executive presence, feel more excited at work, and am empowered to ask for feedback from my team more frequently.
Senior Manager Financial Industry
The BetterUp coaching experience has helped me improve my emotional well-being at work and at home. I am more confident and aware of my feelings, and have a more positive mindset about life in general.
Sales Leader Entertainment Industry
People are getting new skills and bringing it to their teams, exponentially helping others. You can feel the energy and see how people are reaching across the aisle and busting silos to help each other.
Larry McAlister VP of Global Talent, NetApp

Leadership Training and Development Program FAQs

Build leaders that accelerate team performance

See how BetterUp helps your build a high-performing workforce ready to tackle whatever comes their way.